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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang gabi! Kumusta mula sa Kapatirang ispiritwal! Good evening! Goodwill from the spiritual Brotherhood!

It’s twilight time as I write this piece, with torrential monsoon rains bashing our roofs in crescendo fashion here in my highland suburban village. The rains’ torrential outpouring is itself music to my ears, so please visualize rains that seem to sound like a nocturnal choir of sorts as you browse this piece.

I will dedicate this piece to the Draco theme, with specific focus on the formula that Draco fears: the Medusa Formula. Just recently, a new version of the Clash of the Titans movie was shown, which indicated how the Karkens (Draco) was transmogrified and destroyed by the Medusa head (high-tech genetic life science formula) that was hurled on it by Perseus (Pleiades-led contingent of the Galactic Command forces) riding astride Pegasus (cross-galactic space armada).

The Greek myths did encode those ancient messages in an encryption that only the Adepts of that time could decode. That was sad for the ancient Greeks themselves who had the coded messages of the Higher Mysteries, but who never knew what the symbols and messages actually conveyed. Obviously it wasn’t time yet to decode them in the open at that juncture.

As already mentioned in some articles of mine, the narrative of Perseus reveals a facet of that ancient war between the Empire (Draco-led & later Lucifer-reinforced) and the Light Forces (Galactic Confederation & Michael-reinforced). A portion of that long war in the heavens shows Pleiades (Perseus) heroically saving Andromeda (Andromeda galaxy & its humans) and humanity (human varieties spread in diverse worlds) versus the wrath of Draco (Karkens).

The biggest challenge then, as shown in the film, was how to evade the influence of the Anti-Universe energy (Hades) from over-flowing into the interstices of the Milky Way. It was like creating a huge cosmic mat of sorts that could shield the humans and civilizations in both Andromeda and Milky Way or maybe a larger portion of the universe. Andromeda and Milky Way were altogether just a mere tip of a gigantic iceberg, so you can see how gigantic a threat was the Anti-Universe as it encroaches from elsewhere.

As indicated in the narrative, the Order of Melchizedek (Io is signifier) assisted in the entire plan to save humanity. The interplanetary priesthood of Adepts had to collaborate with the cross-galactic warrior-Adepts (Perseus is most central) to find the solution to the huge dilemma. The collaboration had to go to the extent of a closer bond (love between Io and Perseus) between two cosmic classes (priest and warrior) that were created by the Great Creative Force (Zeus & deific sons of the Father deities) for separate purposes.

The narrative revealed that the consensus was to use the penultimate formula versus Draco (Karkens) whose forces were surreptitiously hidden in the mid-astral (the sea where Karkens was hidden): the Medusa Formula (Medusa and her undying head).

Medusa broadly signifies a very high-technology life science principle. So mightily guarded is that principle to avoid its being used by negative forces (gazing at it straight would solidify and kill you). The knowledge was nestled in the seat of the unconscious (signified by the cave where Perseus’ team had to enter): the higher mental plane. That is where the Akashic records are kept and guarded by celestial beings.

The Medusa head cleverly signifies the DNA multi-helix composition, or DNA of a higher order. Today we are aware of the 12-strand DNA, which coheres well with the Medusa head. The Medusa snake body signifies the spiritual force of the Kundalini which connects well with the DNA that, in fact, it enlivens during acts of meditation.

Now, the stunning and awesome revelation in the narrative is that the Medusa Formula can be performed by dissecting the kundalini (snake body) from the DNA multi-helix structure itself. In other words, by way of a high-level surgical operation (spiritual surgery), the latter can be obtained and conserved—in autonomy from the kundalini force—and then applied with discrimination to a subject group.

That surgical operation can only be done best by Adepts of the highest order—Ascended Masters in our language—via a collaboration between Priest-Adepts (Io) and Warrior-Adepts (Perseus). Needless to say, the Medusa Formula and how it is obtained is in the hands of the Melchizedeks and the Galactic Command’s ascended master-guardians (Pleiadian guardians surely possess the key to the knowledge).

Such a knowledge, however, cannot be applied in a 3rd Dimensional environment, as the narrative revealed. It has to be applied in 4th Dimension, in the lower densities of ‘higher space’ where Draco’s forces are surreptitiously hiding, and then confront Draconians right there.

As the narrative reveals, the worlds that were involved in the conflict at that time were not as low as 3rd density of today’s fallen planets, but could have been 4th to 6th densities in the over-arching 4th Dimension space-time continuum. Draco’s assets were in that continuum, and till these days there are in fact nestled there.

When Earth will ascend to 4th Dimension—to 4th and then 5th densities—the ancient war and the Medusa Formula will make greater sense. 3rd Dimension faculties are of limited capacity and capabilities to understand the recondite knowledge revealed in the Perseus/Titans’ clash narrative.

What this Adept, in his capacity as a messenger, can share to you is that the Medusa Formula is intact as a knowledge, and is well guarded Above. Draco knows too well that the formula is an option that can be used against the Empire, as it was already tested in the ancient past. Draco’s manipulation of the genetic structure has its limits, and the Medusa Formula will offset those limits and slam bang Draco in a rebound effect.

Genetics was Draco’s tool for so long, and that same tool will come back upon it like a returning karma of sorts. The only difference now is that new state-of-the-arts energy platforms were developed as sort of cannon to strike Draco with the same formula (genetics). That state-of-the-art platform is in the hands of no other than the Lord Gabriel and the Celestial Forces under his command, and the celestials’ movements are inaccessible to Draco.

So, dear Kapatid (sibling), have no fear about Draco’s return. It is Draco that is being enveloped with fear at this moment, as the Empire knows that the resumption of galactic hostilities very soon will unleash an X-factor whose firepower and source they are unable to predict, anticipate, detect, access, much more to neutralize.

[Philippines, 22 August 2010]


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