Sunday, December 5, 2010


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Solidarity Greetings from Ra of the Brotherhood of Light!

The total ascension of the 144,000 White Robes has already begun. Those who have advanced in the Path of Light know fairly well that we Rishis are among you, as your teachers, healers, and guides, and know that even before the 2012 event we will experience total ascension—both spiritual and physical.

The ascension event has already begun. I will not divulge about the exact date of the first ascension batch, only the information concerning the ascension will be released.

But I will care to share to you information about the 21st of June event. A batch of Ascended Ones did move up last 21st of June, and this one is a fairly large one. It coincided with a solstice (summer up north, winter down south), as one can see.

As a monitoring of the event, I went through my regular meditation before I slept, at around 8:45 p.m. of the 21st of June. A gigantic eagle appeared on my vision. It was preparing to fly upwards, and was poised to do that for a minute or so.

Then finally the eagle flew upwards, but before it continued to fly higher, it momentarily flew to my astral-etheric space in an act of saying farewell. Then in flew upwards at great speed.

The eagle is the standard archetype of the mystic or yogi (they are both of the same level of awareness). Since the 1990s yet, I routinely see an eagle in my vision, flying high up in space, permitting me thus to see the ground below through its eyes. That eagle was no other than me, moving up above and scanning the different continents of the planet.

In the early part of this decade, I acquired the meditative power to create a huge eagle or phoenix in the astral-to-mental dimensions, and I used this eagle (it’s still me) to carry enthused devotees along with me (behind my back) as we traveled the astral world during group meditations.

A favorite activity of mine is to fly the devotees to the ‘cosmic heart’, a gigantic heart perched on an even higher space. It is a process of exposing the devotees or seekers to the strongest blast of the Love vibration they’d ever experience yet, and the experience has a powerful cleansing or detoxifying effect on them.

The gigantic eagle I saw in my June the 21st vision was, however, not one of my creation. It was a creation of the spiritual Hierarchy as an archetype to show me that the ascension of a huge batch of rishis was in progress. It was archetypal of the ‘collective mind’ of the concerned batch.

That wasn’t the first batch of new Ascended Masters, just to remind the readers. But it was the first batch that involved hundreds. There was first a testing of the ascension work prior to this solstice batch, and the tests involved just a few dozens. The success of those tests led the Almighty Creator to ascend hundreds this solstice season.

Since the said rishis are spread out across the globe, their departure will hardly be felt. Necessarily, there will be secrecy behind their sudden disappearance. Hardly are there witnesses to their departure, this is an unnecessary if not egotistical way of getting witnesses to the ascension event.

The Dark Masters are quite in panic at the event, they don’t know who is about to ascend next, but they know that they can never stop the event. They are desperately engaging in espionage and sabotage by surreptitiously securing information from meditating rishis, but in no way can they secure such information from us.

The new Ascended Masters will be reporting briefly to the Council of 24 Elders and the Almighty Creator, before descending to their homes in the ‘masters’ universe’. From there they can descend to the lower planes anytime, through multiple location (splitting themselves many folds) so they can attend or preside council meetings across the dimensions.

The same Masters will also be staffing up in full time capacity the newly instituted gatekeepership councils across the globe. At this moment, the trainings of volunteer staff to the councils from among the advanced Light Workers is taking place, initiated by the same new Masters.

The same gatekeepership councils will be the base for replacing the old hierarchy of the planet, as the ‘masters of lesser Light’ of the old hierarchy will be taken off the Earth and quarantined elsewhere (that event has actually begun, as the Lord Gabriel has been arresting them one by one).

Now that new full-time Masters of Light have fully ascended (physical & spiritual), there is greater hope for the planet. There will be other batches to follow on a month-by-month ascension schedule, until by 2012 all of us rishis will have been fully ascended.

[Philippines, 30 June 2010]


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