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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang hapon! Good afternoon!

I’ve mentored spiritual seekers for two (2) decades now. Many of them I met in the astral and etheric planes, while some others I did handle right here on the ground. From out of their narratives did I conclude that evil masters are very busy disguising as Light Beings whose messages request to be channeled and disseminated.

Among the questions asked by the seekers is an interpretation of their visions. Having imparted meditation tools to them, they gladly plunge into the meditation experience, and sooner or later they’d experience every kind of visioning.

As soon as they’d advance a bit in their practice, they would normally experience visioning just by closing their eyes. Even while inside a vehicle, on travel to their work spaces, they would see visions. They would later narrate them to me, inclusive of visions of Dark Masters.

Let me declare that the spiritual Brotherhood had long forewarned humanity about the agenda of Dark Masters to use the channeling or spiritist modality to beguile unsuspecting souls. This is now happening, as thousands of unwary ‘seekers’ would accept hook-line-sinker the deception of Dark Masters pretending to be Ascended Beings of the spiritual Hierarchy.

I told seekers that they should expect, in due time, to see both Beings of Light and Beings of Darkness inclusive of Dark Masters. As we accelerate in our Path, Light Beings would routinely manifest to us to assure us of their love, guidance, protection. Likewise will Dark Masters manifest, forewarning us that if we go wayward or use beneficial energies for dubious purposes, they’d be the one to catch us.

A seeker asked me whether she was a threat to the Dark Masters, which explains the latter’s manifestations before her in visions. I told her that it is merely routine, that no one among us down here who are in the Path is considered threat to the Dark Beings. It is simply routinary to see them.

Clarifying further, I said we are threats to no one as our joint task is to spread the Light and help others to be liberated from veils of illusions. It is not our task to search & destroy Dark Beings, a task that belongs more to the Archangelic realm.

Another seeker narrated to me how she saw St. Germain supposedly manifest to her. All of a sudden, the manifesting Being’s face turned hideous and evil. She knew right then that it was a disguise, a Dark Master appearing and disguising as the ennobled Chohan of the Aquarian Age.

Necessarily, seekers receive every sort of channeled messages, often short but recognizable. They describe the voice as passing onto their ears, or they are audio messages.

I told them to be careful with those messages. True, they may be seeing a Light Being at a certain instance. But the Light Being’s message that they hear could be jumbled and distorted by Dark intruders in the astral plane. The Dark Masters do that all the time.

That is because the seekers I’m referring to are very strong in 5th Density or higher astral endowments of visioning. 5th Density is full of distortions, being a subplane of illusion. Dirty messages of every kind filter in to our lower minds through that bandwidth.

A seeker in California has been communicating to me about two (2) years back, requesting for protective tools. He claimed to be mentored by a Light Master of sorts. To my shock, the Light Master he speaks of is no Master but a group of degraded or demonic Felines located in the astral plane, using him as their puppet channeler.

I did give that seeker some tools to reckon with. At the same time, I urged him to absorb and practice a broad array of tools from the Teaching, most specially those regarding deprogramming of vices and the use of meditation. To my shock, the seeker was adamant in using them, which made me realize how deeply he was being controlled by the demonic Felines.

In Manila, a seeker narrated to me how she was contacted by her Inner Guides, one of whom revealed her planetary roots in the Pleiades constellation. Furthermore, she was told that she was sent here to “save the world.”

While giving full credence to her Inner Guides contact, I did notice that convoluted “save the world” message. A dangerous, delusional message, as it can inflate the ego of an unwary seeker who would think she is so special and Messiah in stature.

I myself get to see the Dark Masters, every kind of them, from time to time, during my meditation visions. They think they can hide from my scanning focals, which they can’t. I discover their presence, register the experience, and then report the event thereafter to the Archangels Michael & Gabriel for recording and processing.

My attitude towards the Dark intruders has been one of passive recording of the event. Incensed as I may be by their deceptive intrusion, I never go about provoking a fight with them. And I never respond to their provocations, as one Dark Master has been doing for some time now (childish one I’d surmise).

I already wrote some notes about the dangers of channeling before, with many of those channeled messages actually dictated by Dark Beings. I likewise cautioned seekers and readers about those messages, practice wise discernment when reviewing them, and realizing for themselves the low value of such materials.

Such things are happening today, as Dark Masters are desperate about the planet running out of their control in due time. They’re doing everyway they can today to ambush and deceive seekers and mystics. They think that they can recoup from their losses, as many former puppets of the Fallen Ones have returned to the folds of the Almighty Creator.

Unless a seeker can move in awareness from the 5th to 6th Density at least, s/he will always be a footstool of Fallen Ones. 6th Density (lower mental) is the lowest domain where there are the least to zero distortions of messages. 6th density is the realm of genius, the 1st level that we can consider as ‘high awareness’.

Psychic awareness, at 5th Density, is low awareness. A dangerous realm it is, full of deceptions and dirty messages. I discourage seekers I’m mentoring to delve or immerse in psychism such as channeling, telekinesis, and those sorts.

If one has to ascend, ascend first to 6th Density. Then gradually move on up, till you hit the Mystical at 8th Density. At 9th Density, you are a Master of Wisdom, free from illusions at last. At such a level, Dark Masters’ efforts to ambush you will fail.

So, seekers and readers, note this write up well. Dark Masters are very busy deceiving and ambushing seekers and mystics, notably Light Workers, out there. Be not deceived, be discerning, and you shall overcome.

[Philippines, 22 May 2010]


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