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Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Magandang araw sa inyong lahat! Good day to you all!

We Terrans are in a situation today of a ‘quickening’ or rapid mutation to 4th th Dimension, a process that is being accompanied by massive reunions with our original galactic families—both (a) family of orientation and (b) family of procreation. The first family refers to our social bond with parents and siblings, the second with our Twinflame and children.

As a guru of the Teaching, based on my own experiences and those of Lightworkers I’ve handled, I can authenticate so facilely the fact about (a) our having originated outside Earth with our original families, and (b) the availability of methods and tools for the reunion. The changing electromagnetic field of EMF configuration of Earth—towards higher level vibratory frequency—is likewise aiding in making the reunion possible, aside from the presence on 3rd Dimension of many Rishis sent forth en masse to ensure the graduation of humanity to 4th Dimension after the Polar Shift.

To understand the phenomenon, a quick browse of the akashic records, added to those information bits advanced by mystics before, shows that all of us Terrans today were originally from planets and star systems outside our own (Earth, Sun). The respective families we are niched in today, which we Lightworkers and mystics term as ‘biological family’, are not exactly those of our original planet cum star system.

For one reason or another, we were cut off or de-linked from our respective families. The delinking (‘dis-articulation’ in political economy) is only temporary though, as Above the Divine Beings have ensured that the bond of Light that connects us all makes our mutual access to one another automatically there, though on sleeping mode. It pays that we consciously chart our thought modalities (phenomenologist’s ‘intentionalities’) towards a well defined goal of family reunion to activate that bond of Light and ensue the filial Love mutually flowing among us.

With such a reunion possibility well established as fact, let me now remind you of some a caveat: to be able to rendezvous with your family, you need to be stable at astral level awareness of 5th Density at least. Those who are vibrating at 3rd Density are least prepared for family reunion, while those who are way ahead in awareness find greater ease in reuniting with their respective families.

It has been a discipline practiced by Teachers to provide tools and methods of ascension, family reunion included, only to those most prepared. Having been a trainor and guru for some time, I never at all openly shared tools to those laggards who are unprepared for such engagements as family reunion. On the other hand, those who are in the Path, I provide tools and methods based on their awareness levels, the tools thus varying across such levels from 5th through 10th Densities (mystics whose nirvanic bodies or souls are partly awaken).

Those who are so densely situated at 3rd Dimension aren’t exactly hopeless. If you’re one who’s at this level, assure first of all that you are capable of dreaming. Less evolved souls often dream in black & white, and can only recall few dreams at all.
The most laggard ones drift between the dreamless sleep and the few black & white dreams. If you dream and you can recall dreams, then there is always the possibility of you having rendezvous with your family members in the dream state (astral plane). Just make sure that you can recall your dreams, and do scribble them right away before oblivion erases the memory bits you received.

Those who are a bit psychic sensitive, or who fluctuate up to 5th Density, have a certain level of awareness that can allow for family reunion. This can take place by combining (a) dream state reunion and (b) reunion at 5th Density level. For the latter to occur, I recommend that one learns to do yoga meditation, and rendezvous with family members while one is awake (while meditating).

At this juncture let me raise another caveat: the images of your family members in your inner vision will depend on each one’s level of awareness. If you are just stabilizing at 5th Density, while your family members are already at 8th through 10th Densities, you will most likely see cloudy figures or simply blobs of light or sort of. Same is true in the obverse: if you’re at 8th through 10th Density, you won’t be able to see your family members who are still at 5th Density though they are already on their way upward in awareness.

You must be a lucky one if the images that register are as clear as 2-10 megapixel imageries. This means that you are on parallel (identical, or almost similar) levels of awareness, enabling you to register images on a certain bandwidth where you are commonly situated. This is very possible. In my own experience, my visions of my galactic parents, Twinflame, male sibling, and children were as clear as 2-10 megapixels (I still have to hurdle meeting a sibling sister).

To move on to our next point, just what makes reunion with galactic family important? Why not simply stick it out with our biological families? Why not leave it all to chance that we meet our galactic close kins, and then move on?

At this juncture, the importance of our biological families—the logic of our being with them—were already fully optimized. It is now a time for gathering of the like, and separation of the unlike, so the best we can do for our biological kapamilya (family co-members) is to maintain goodwill and good faith. Our mutual purpose for each other’s company has been delivered, so let’s learn to dis-entangle ourselves from deep attachments that have lost their inner meanings.

In the last instance, in our respective Paths, it is our being with our own kind—of similar if not identical levels of soul evolution—that can construct the family aegis for our engagements in more advanced missions. Those missions collectively congeal in a collective mission to build our respective worlds—the Planet B for the laggards and service-for-self people, the Negative Planet for the negative people, 4th Density New Earth for those service-for-others, and 5th Density and higher worlds for the Lightworkers and ‘old souls’.

That is the logic behind the vibrant engagements today of family reunions most especially for those who will populate the 4th Dimension Earth after the Polar Shift. My focal lenses are focused on Earth as this is where I was mandated to serve the spiritual Hierarchy in the preparation works for the New Earth, so I can only articulate the reunions among those who are being gathered for this 4th Dimensional Earth.

To the young souls out there who may be eager to know more things about the matter, please do your homework first by researching on the subject in the internet. Those Lightworkers and sensitives who are already in their respective Path already have the tools necessary for their reunion engagements. In case you’re desirous to enter the Path of Light via family reunion, just ring me a bell and the tools will be handed over to you for this engagement.

Those souls out there who are already studying metaphysics and practicing certain tools, let me say good luck to you in your reunion efforts. No further tools and methods from me are necessary for your purposes. Maximize on those that are in your hand to utilize today.

Good luck to those seekers and mystics who are searching for their respective Twinflame. May the Lady Venus and Lord Ancient of Days aid you in the process, may your union be blessed, and may you successfully meet your galactic children.

[Philippines, 08 May 2009]


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