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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

It was already elaborate in previous articles that there are five (5) cosmic elements known to Terrans. However, that isn’t the totality of elements, as consistent with the Septenary Law, there are seven (7) such elements in all.

The chelas and masters were allowed to reveal just five (5), as the time isn’t ripe yet for a full comprehension of the philosophic and practical understanding of the 6th and 7th elements. The evolution of the 6th and 7th ‘root races’—of Terrans what will replace the current 5th ‘root race’ of Aryans—will see the galvanization of faculties yet that remain weak or sleeping among current Terrans.

In common parlance, we know the elements as: earth, water, air, fire, and ether. Ether is the gross manifestation of akasha, the two often being presented as identical. Each element can still be subdivided into sub-elements, just as chemists have sub-divided the chemical elements into over a hundred known ones verifiable through laboratory experimentation.

Below is the excerpt from Volume I/Cosmogenesis of the Secret Doctrine, concerning the subject of 7 elements:

For clearer understanding on the part of the general reader, it must be stated that Occult Science recognises Seven Cosmical Elements—four entirely physical, and the fifth (Ether) semi-material, as it will become visible in the air towards the end of our Fourth Round, to reign supreme over the others during the whole of the Fifth. The remaining two are as yet absolutely beyond the range of human perception. These latter will, however, appear as presentments during the 6th and 7th Races of this Round, and will become known in the 6th and 7th Rounds respectively.* These seven elements with their numberless Sub-Elements far more numerous than those known to Science) are simply conditional modifications and aspects of the ONE and only Element. This latter is not Ether,* not even Akâsá but the Source of these. The Fifth Element, now advocated quite freely by Science, is not the Ether hypothesised by Sir Isaac Newton—although he calls it by that name, having associated it in his mind probably with the Æther, “Father-Mother” of Antiquity. As Newton intuitionally says, “Nature is a perpetual circulatory worker, generating fluids out of solids, fixed things out of volatile, and volatile out of fixed, subtile out of gross, and gross out of subtile. . . . Thus, perhaps, may all things be originated from Ether,” (Hypoth, 1675).

The reader has to bear in mind that the Stanzas given treat only of the Cosmogony of our own planetary System and what is visible around it, after a Solar Pralaya. The secret teachings with regard to the Evolution of the Universal Kosmos cannot be given, since they could not be understood by the highest minds in this age, and there seem to be very few Initiates, even among the greatest, who are allowed to speculate upon this subject. Moreover the Teachers say openly that not even the highest Dhyani-Chohans have ever penetrated the mysteries beyond those boundaries that separate the milliards of Solar systems from the “Central Sun,” as it is called. Therefore, that which is given, relates only to our visible Kosmos, after a “Night of Brahmâ.”

Before the reader proceeds to the consideration of the Stanzas from the Book of Dzyan which form the basis of the present work, it is absolutely necessary that he should be made acquainted with the few fundamental conceptions which underlie and pervade the entire system of thought to which his attention is invited. These basic ideas are few in number, and on their clear apprehension depends the understanding of all that follows; therefore no apology is required for asking the reader to make himself familiar with them first, before entering on the perusal of the work itself.

[Philippines, 10 November 2011]


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